I'm not leaving.

I blame society for this mess tbh

It sucks that we live in a system that forces us to make money to survive. It brings out the worst in people.

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I started writing a long big thing where I respond to everything Professionally:tm: but I honestly just cannot be bothered because it's draining so I'm just gonna quickfire the points I remember coming up

I've almost certainly missed things because I've not seen all the posts but whatever, I can't imagine much has come up that wasn't in the ones I did see

The big one first, the accusations I did nothing when an example was linked of stuff that shouldn't be in the art system. First, she was dealt with, immediately. She was told to leave and cool her jets, then she didn't and was silenced for it. I dealt with her immediately. Just because I didn't make a whole song and dance about it for you to see doesn't mean I didn't, and I do not appreciate the assertion that I let her off because she's my friend. I'm harsher with her than I am with anyone else in the server in fact.

Second, using the art as examples in the first place. In poor taste, but she wanted examples to back her point up, since others were also using examples. As she explained to me this morning after she'd been silenced for a few hours, she wasn't even commenting on the quality, she was commenting on the fact that it objectively shouldn't have been in the art system. And you know what? She's correct! It wasn't a fully original piece and contained an unedited screenshot from a movie. Objectively, following the rules, that should not have been in the art system, and that's what she was trying to point out - it didn't come across that way because of language barriers. I'm not apologising for her, she can do that herself if she wants to.

Third, toxicity and aggression in the Discord. Here's the thing: Someone disagreeing with you doesn't make it a toxic environment. Attitudes do. To be blunt, the people making accusations that a certain individual is toxic in there have had the same accusation levelled at themselves by multiple people. It's two sides of the ring fighting each other and it's getting extremely annoying. I also don't appreciate multiple anonymous messages (that aren't really anonymous because they're to the staff blogs and I can see through the flag) saying someone is the reason the site and Discord will die, and how they're always coincidentally timed to be when the sender was disagreed with by the target. I also don't like people sending anons to others to stir shit up and then come off anon to send a good vibes ask, which I've also seen happening. Quit it, act like an adult. As another point on this, if your response to multiple people is to call them less than human for having an opinion you don't like or doing something you don't approve of, as someone did last night, that's not even up for debate, I don't want you anywhere near my site. Either leave, now, or never do that shit again.

Now onto art shit itself. The whole thing started because I wanted a discussion on how to deal with the problem. It was NOT a "I'm doing this" thing, and whoever presented it to people on the site as though I was is a liar. The discussion was "the algorithm has trouble with this stuff, how should I handle it?" and that's it. It grew from there. I don't care about whether art is "good enough" to be in the art theft system, I care about "how likely is this to result in false positives that get people's stuff converted into reblogs", because that makes the system appear broken. THAT is what the discussion was about.

For the "handpicked features" debate - that's old news, that's already happening. Like, I get it. It sucks to be told your stuff isn't good enough. MY stuff isn't good enough to be featured. But fact of the matter is, it's meant to be the site's best foot forward, and I have the data and actual testimonials from people saying they left because they thought what was in the featured box was the best the site had to offer and if they wanted what they considered quality art they'd be better off elsewhere. Likewise, a lot of (but not all) artists feel their own effort is cheapened to be put on the same pedestal as shitposts and memes, which, lets be honest, a lot of what's in the featured box is. To be blunt, the "everything gets featured" is a failed experiment. I'm wondering whether if it had been handpicked from the start this part of the conversation would have happened, or whether I'd get the same response if I'd said "the minimum qualification is now 40 notes" or some such. There's a reason Tumblr, Pillowfort, etc etc all put the best art in features, and that's because it objectively helps bring users in and keep them there.

Next, I'm going to address the "keep existing customers happy instead of getting new ones" point people keep bringing up - to use the analogy of a pub, that only really works when you have more than 6 regulars to begin with. If I get 30 average customers but there's a constant turnover, that's still better for the pub. 6 regulars don't pay the bills, but 30 people, even if they're different ones all the time, would. If big artists come and stay, they bring more people with them. This means more people, and thus more content on the site. And also, more regulars is the goal to begin with.

This is already longer than it needs to be and I'm tired so I'm just gonna post this and be done with it but either way

At the end of the day: the stuff proposed was HYPOTHETICAL, and to be blunt, I'm not building a site for you, I'm building a site for everyone. What's good for the site doesn't always align with what's good for a given individual. That does not mean I'm saying smaller artists don't matter, as some people are trying to say. My job is to make the site succeed.

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on frustration with Waterfall development

babushka -

1. Where does frustration with the site development come from?

Waterfall is a nice functional site with decent people on it, it has some neat features, doesn't lag terribly, and doesn't allow creeps on it. However, it's still underdeveloped, and you can't deny it. There's no fast reblog, the queue is set up for two days forward for no apparent reason, I can't write a text box, a message, or create a page without encountering some bugs. These issues are currently being worked on at a steady pace, and we have all agreed to wait until those are solved because we understand the struggles of one man behind this unexpectedly huge project. Most people I know aren't frustrated with how fast the site is developing. However, there is no set in stone date people can look forward to, and all the existing deadlines keep getting delayed, which create some frustration for some of us.

The frustration arises when people start talking about some new global features, or the overhaul of the old, already existing ones, and the way those discussions are being handled. As I see, people on the staff side experience concerns with the way some of the current systems work in the way that they're not very "beneficial for the site" in terms of newcomers, which is frustrating for staff, too. As someone who doesn't see the site from the inside, I often assume that the most trouble newcomers are having are the same troubles I am having, and a lot of them might disappear after the second update. However, the discussion of possible overhauls of big systems that people are currently allegedly misusing creates the illusion that those overhauls will happen and form a new direction for the site. Even if nothing is being implemented right now, people are starting to worry as if though the changes are already being implemented because they are being talked about.

They're mostly being talked about on discord, where it's easy to take stuff completely out of context since a lot of messages are happening at the same time, and the information is easily missed. This leads people to wrong conclusions from time to time and causes more frustration. Also, discord is not something everyone has, visits regularly, or even is aware of, because of multiple valid reasons, including mental health ones. So, some frustration from my side roots in me seeing staff blog say something like "I've talked to people on discord on it and they say it's fine so we will do it" while me not being aware the discussion even happened or that I could join it. I've only seen it happen once, however, so this is more of an exception, but I thought it still is worth mentioning.

In this part of the post, I've covered my perspective on where the frustration comes from. The second part of the post will be about how it is expressed and handled.

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Y'all if you want some comfort in these uncertain times i'd like to help somehow but idk how because i can't handle most of stuff that is considered moral support

I can open moodboard requests and/or art requests if you'd like

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what do you mean by mooboard?

having sad thoughts about gender and identity. may or may not elaborate later.

#dnr #sad

god i hate it when abusers or toxic people who are obviously in the wrong weaponize their marginalized status when they're being called out.

especially when they have a large following online, because then their fans will dismiss their victim's accusations unless the victim is from the same group as themselves. people like them make it so much harder for the people in their community who are struggling! it's such bullshit!

it reminds me of when popular middle class cishet white creators who make being an ally part of their Brand TM try to deflect critisism from marginalized fans/creators because they've already done "so much already" or they "have one black/gay/trans friend who said what they did/said was ok".

and then their fans are like "they can't be racist/homphobic/transphobic/sexist because they made this good thing/worked with this marginalized person"

no they're narcissists who don't really care about doing good, just being seen as good to boost their fragile ego

tldr: don't put people on pedestals. just because someone has the same politics as you does not mean they're a good person and if the mask drops people have every right to avoid them. judge people by their actions as well as their words

people who say they "miss the old internet" because the internet "sucks now", did not experience the old internet.

the old internet was so much worse. and some of the petty arguments yall claim would never happen then were definitely going on back then lmao

yes it is bad now, yes social media is a dumpster fire. yes the discourse is messy and stupid at times

but the fact that people are openly talking about how bad it used to be and are making an effort to improve things is a good thing

this year sucked shit. i will not miss it.

Someone: "But fiction doesn't effect reality!!"

Me: "Remembers how brunch liberals worship the show The West Wing and think it's how politcs works or should work irl"

Chimeran Legends - Gray Skies

Colored headshot sketch commission for @silver of their lovely custom FE furry (also named) Silver!

ko-fi + commissions

Humanity's obsession with hierarchies and tribalism is going to doom us all


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A small wolf study.

uh i can't upload images anymore?

I voted. :/

Northern shrike
Lanius borealis

C Paul Hurtado, CC 2.0

Something About Us

I might not be the right one.

It might not be the right time.

But there's something about us I've got to do.

Some kind of secret I will share with you.

[Image ID: Artwork of Haida and Retsuko from Netflix series Aggretsuko. Haida is wearing a black jacket and pants while Retsuko is wearing a white colored blouse with a black skirt. They are sitting at night on a fountain with colorful lights. They sit away from each other though Haida looks back at Retsuko with longing. End ID.]

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Good morning! My heart is breaking from the in side

i fucking really hope i don't have fucking covid because someone forgot to wear a mask

i haven't slept in 24 hours so that could be it but idk

Global Capitalism - Rich Nations and Poor Nations | Renegade Cut

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Folk songs are the best songs because they weren't made up with like, technique and performance in mind but just for the fun and joy of it. I mean people shouldn't be shamed for being 'bad' singers(and that;s like. by the music industry standards. which already makes no sense) anyway, no matter what it is they're singing. I guess what I'm trying to say is that folk songs-like, litteraly, the people's songs- really embody what music is all about at its core and all the best stuff about it, with the way they come to be.

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are US liberals aware that russia is a real place with real people in it and not just their scary scapegoat they can use any time a leftist or conservative says something they don't like/agree with