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Community Update - August 2020

staff -

The bees are imminent

In July, we...

  • Got more server hardware

  • Finished the image transcode system

  • Started the new text editor

  • Published our public roadmap

Site Stats

As of writing, we have 31,804 users, 51,610 blogs, and 396,653 posts.

Site News

There's a lot this month. We'll start with some Commission Market news - we finally got approved by PayPal, so it'll be an option going forward once the rewrite hits. We are considering removing Stripe entirely - users have reported some bad experiences that are shaking our faith in them, as well as being too complicated to use, so some feedback here would be great. Additionally, we've had a couple reports of them trying to make you use unexpected transaction methods - if you try and buy a blog slot or pay for a commission and get redirected to Apple or Google Pay, do not proceed with the transaction - hop in the Discord and let us know so we can figure it out.

To answer a concern that was brought up last month - using PayPal will not change the NSFW policy of the site. Business and partners have different rules from individuals, and Waterfall's existing content policy puts is well within the safe zone by all the interpretations and second opinions we got. If PayPal elects to go back on that, we'll simply look for another option or roll our own.

I needed a break this month because there's only one of me and mental fatigue is a little bitch, so I switched focus some to work on Springwater's blog analytics dashboard.

This is still a prototype (you can tell by the labelling) but even with the test data, I can already tell people will find this very useful, especially artists. I'll do a writeup next month about what's included, since at the minute I'm still surprising myself with what breakdowns I'm able to do with it.

I'm considering doing a mockup of the dashboard to see how it'd look with the stylesheet used there - certainly it'd look a bit more modern. You guys let me know what you think before I start?

Next up, I finally started work on a custom text editor. It's SO much better. Looks better, behaves better, and, since I accidentally backspaced when I finished writing this post and had to start over, it'll also save state so if your browser crashes or you acidentally leave you don't lose everything. I don't have screenshots of it since it's still effectively a glorified text box, but I do have screenshots of the new audio player.

There's still a few kinks to work out, mostly related to mobile, and I'm not sure whether we'll keep the visualisation there or not, but it works and I'm pleased. Album art support! It'll auto-populate with whatever ID3 tags the file has and then you can edit the picture, track name, artist etc. It'll also eventually have playlist support for musicians to use in art posts.

Final piece of UI news - we'll be adding a bunch of accessibility options. There'll be stuff like a colour blind mode, dyslexia mode, font size options etc. We'll run these by members of the community before launch to make sure we're covering the largest cross-section of users possible. They'll all be off by default, but users can pick and choose which ones they find useful and turn them on.

Oh, and something about how we've started working on chats too, but nobody cares about that.

Back on the backend, the main roadblock now is making posts.

Legacy code sucks.

In theory I could port it wholesale, but there's a few improvements I want to make in a couple of places, as well as fixing mentions code and whatever is happening with queue time calculations. Purely text based posts work, but file based posts need some more work, as well as link posts, because I'm just not happy with those at the minute.

That's all for now, so see you next month, and give the roadmap a look!

Stumbled upon a tweet by an artist I really admired defending something terrible. It was really disheartening because I'd loved their work for years. Definitely not reblogging or retweeting (or liking on twitter because likes are public there) art anymore unless it is by someone I know.

Jesus christ.

Two people I really admire and respect are getting into a really ugly fight on Twitter and I'm sitting here like: :/

Because I know both of them use blockchains but I don't want to unfollow or be blocked by eiether of them, and I can't speak up because because I think both are kind of in the right. Hmm.

take a seat! we have MOSS to discuss

ravioli -

Websites learning how to block AdBlock is the biggest scam in history

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While we're at it, every single discussion of LGBT+ terms on hellsites is happening like English is the only language you can be gay/trans in

"No one needs to invent a gender neutral pronoun, we have singular they" - we don't

"Queer is a word with a history" - and its history is a same in every language apparently

"Gay is a good umbrella term" - except for when it isn't an adjective at all

I forgot about my dog's birthday. I've been so depprssed lately I just...I just forgot.

She's getting old though, so I don't know if I can make her homemade dog treats....and we can't go to the dog park... :/

so! i probably failed most of my classes but i'm too deppressed to care atm!!

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I think I may start soley using waterfall for my personal posts. Twitter is too...public, Tumblr is too annoying. I like how there is an option here to make it so no one can reblog or interact with my posts.

starlights -

i really need to find a new friend group :(

starlights -

which really sucks because it's not the people themselves who are the problem, but what everyone in the group is into. i just can't be around this shit anymore for the sake of my mental health...

i really need to find a new friend group :(

"Yeah sure I know this person has have hurt you, but they haven't hurt me so I am unwilling and unable to empathize with your pain. :(

Doing so would mean I would have to do some self-reflection on my part and that's too much work and I love myself too much to aknowlege my flaws! :(

Sorry! (But not really!) Here's 50-something posts about what a Good and Reasonable Personβ„’ I am! :)" /s

I wonder if I should go back to identifying as my agab online again.

I thought I might be nonbinary, but I've found that I'm more confortable with my gender when I don't surround myself with people who'll judge me for my gender.

I don't know.

i'm not having a good time rn

depression is kicking my ass

i keep losing faith in humanity and myself

all of my dreams seem meaningless now

my goals have always about survival

or justifying my existence somehow

rather than what i want

but i don't know what i want

i don't think i should want

flowerfemme -

my dad lied to me and said he's been disinfecting our groceries but he actually hasn't been and he refuses to start. so in light of that i will no longer be eating anything in this house that doesn't require cooking that i don't buy myself.

seeing as i've been laid off i really can't afford my own food and while i won't totally starve because i can eat the things that require cooking if you have a few bucks to spare so i can sneak some snacks in my room that i can disinfect the packaging of myself i'd appreciate it

my cash app is $neurobiverse

General Strike 2020 - No Rent. No Debt. No Labor.

No Rent. No Debt. No Labor.

website for general strike info

there's a lot of resources here for starting strikes, strikes already happening in certain areas, and ways to connect with people in your area and encourage striking

very informative and helpful if you're considering that but don't know where to help

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An Anonymous user asked:

Thell, you're doing a lot of good work. How do we give you money?

thellere -

Uuuhh well

That depends what you mean when you say "me".

If you mean Waterfall in general, and want to give to the site - use the Patreon until the premium stuff is ready. This is the preferred option for tax reasons and gets me closer to getting the others paid.

If you mean me, personally, I have a PayPal you can use, though realistically most of that will end up invested in the site anyway, or used to pay off my credit cards.

Lessons From A Pandemic

Be sure to check out the links in the video's description

45 Follower Raffle

jasvinfellover -

Gasp! It's that raffle I mentioned, it's happening!

The raffle will last until April 10th at 8 pm CST

So, if you're interested in getting some free art of your OC, or of a canon Fire Emblem character (really any character as long as they're not a mecha), similar to these, with my usual brand of a simple background.

Here's what you need to know!


  • You must be following me to enter

    • If you follow me during this raffle you will be eligible to enter
  • You get two possible entrees

    • you can enter once by liking this post and again by repouring it
  • The winner will be announced and contacted via an ask within the hour after the raffle ends

  • If the winner does not respond to me within 48 hours I will draw a new winner

  • If for whatever reason you're not interested in entering but do want to spread this to your followers, just leave me a little heads up in the tags so when I draw the winner I exclude you from the pool

April fools day is CANCELLED. There will be no fibs, fabrications, or tomfoolery! This is a joke-free zone!