45 Follower Raffle

jasvinfellover -

Gasp! It's that raffle I mentioned, it's happening!

The raffle will last until April 10th at 8 pm CST

So, if you're interested in getting some free art of your OC, or of a canon Fire Emblem character (really any character as long as they're not a mecha), similar to these, with my usual brand of a simple background.

Here's what you need to know!


  • You must be following me to enter

    • If you follow me during this raffle you will be eligible to enter
  • You get two possible entrees

    • you can enter once by liking this post and again by repouring it
  • The winner will be announced and contacted via an ask within the hour after the raffle ends

  • If the winner does not respond to me within 48 hours I will draw a new winner

  • If for whatever reason you're not interested in entering but do want to spread this to your followers, just leave me a little heads up in the tags so when I draw the winner I exclude you from the pool

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A reminder that this ends tomorrow!

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