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can't stress enough how important it is for people, young people especially, to not confuse admiring someone with thinking you're friends with someone. parasocial relationships aren't inherently bad, but they can be if the person who has the power in said relationship is a shitty ass shit scum bag. this isn't to victim blame anyone, more to just remind people that your favorite content creators are not your friends. they're not your family. they're not your significant other(s). and they're not people that should put on these high pedastals where they can do no wrong.

i'm still reeling and wanting to just. i dunno, scream? hit something? scream some more? it's very odd.

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stella not know this situation/fandom but is so true... personly was fan of projared for awhile, & then... weeeell. two big things, but more relevant one here is, had nsfw sideblog which not only abuse wife's trust (think he made promise no real nudes but accept them anyways?) but also would interact w fans... can prob see where going :(

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