I think the worst part about living in a dystopia is realizing that I've always lived in one and was just too ignorant to realize it, even despite all of the bullshit my family has gone through. The schools I attended even did a decent job talking about how fucked up my country's past was, but I stubbornly clung to my idealism and the belief that people are good at heart. I no longer believe that anyone is inherently good or evil, but it is their environment that enables their morality.

And right now, we live in a society that enables suffering, ignorance, and cruelty. And I can't do anything about it.

Vote you say? Please.

When people around the world and in my country, mock or criticize people in our county for the shitshow we're living in, they don't realize that most people did not want it to be this way. The person I and millions of people voted for technically won, but our votes were nullified because of an outdated and corrupt system. We never really had a choice, just an illusion of one. My vote wouldn't matter even if I could vote and liked one of the candidates.

Protest only works if protesting is safe, and if powerful people have a sense of shame and the will to actually change things...and most don't.

Misinformation on social media is leading to real life suffering and horrific violence. There's technology out there that is rapidly advancing to the point where people can manipulate video and audio so it seems like someone is saying or doing things they aren't. Corrupt broadcasting companies are buying up news networks. Greed and corruption are destroying the planet, and those who are responsible for it don't care because they know they can avoid the worst of it.

I'm beginning to realize that most people aren't going to have the patience or will to fix small problems until we address the big ones. The root of most lessor evils are the greater evils, and it is impossible to fix the lessor evils without acknowledging the greater evils.

I can only hope the next generations are taught to value compassion, history, critical thinking, and humility and that will be enough to salvage what's left of Earth in the future. That people will have their needs met to the point were they aren't trapped in cycles of abuse, or won't cling to harmful and destructive delusions in their efforts to make sense of the world.

Despite everything, I do not hate humanity. Because I think to truly hate humanity would mean letting go of my ability to feel compassion for other human beings, and I'd rather die before that happens.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still a realist. I know a lot of marginalized people are going to suffer for a long time. I don't fault anyone for trying to cling to any happiness they have now.

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