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are US liberals aware that russia is a real place with real people in it and not just their scary scapegoat they can use any time a leftist or conservative says something they don't like/agree with

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I'd be the first person to admit the wrongdoings of the liberals because obv aren't totally great, but both statements u just made are the opposite of what happened.

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literally it was.. the other way around. It was the conservatives doing that

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isn't it usually the other way? I've never seen a liberal using Russia as a scapegoat- it's always the conservatives calling them communists or whatever.

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remember in like 2016 when it was actually US liberals that started the whole 'fake news' campaign thing because any time either a leftist or conservative said something they didn't like about their precious hilary clinton they just accused them of being a russian bot or 'fake news' ??? because i do. i remember and i will never forgive them for that

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