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god i hate it when abusers or toxic people who are obviously in the wrong weaponize their marginalized status when they're being called out.

especially when they have a large following online, because then their fans will dismiss their victim's accusations unless the victim is from the same group as themselves. people like them make it so much harder for the people in their community who are struggling! it's such bullshit!

it reminds me of when popular middle class cishet white creators who make being an ally part of their Brand TM try to deflect critisism from marginalized fans/creators because they've already done "so much already" or they "have one black/gay/trans friend who said what they did/said was ok".

and then their fans are like "they can't be racist/homphobic/transphobic/sexist because they made this good thing/worked with this marginalized person"

no they're narcissists who don't really care about doing good, just being seen as good to boost their fragile ego

tldr: don't put people on pedestals. just because someone has the same politics as you does not mean they're a good person and if the mask drops people have every right to avoid them. judge people by their actions as well as their words

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