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An Anonymous user asked:

Thell, you're doing a lot of good work. How do we give you money?

thellere -

Uuuhh well

That depends what you mean when you say "me".

If you mean Waterfall in general, and want to give to the site - use the Patreon until the premium stuff is ready. This is the preferred option for tax reasons and gets me closer to getting the others paid.

If you mean me, personally, I have a PayPal you can use, though realistically most of that will end up invested in the site anyway, or used to pay off my credit cards.

45 Follower Raffle

jasvinfellover -

Gasp! It's that raffle I mentioned, it's happening!

The raffle will last until April 10th at 8 pm CST

So, if you're interested in getting some free art of your OC, or of a canon Fire Emblem character (really any character as long as they're not a mecha), similar to these, with my usual brand of a simple background.

Here's what you need to know!


  • You must be following me to enter

    • If you follow me during this raffle you will be eligible to enter
  • You get two possible entrees

    • you can enter once by liking this post and again by repouring it
  • The winner will be announced and contacted via an ask within the hour after the raffle ends

  • If the winner does not respond to me within 48 hours I will draw a new winner

  • If for whatever reason you're not interested in entering but do want to spread this to your followers, just leave me a little heads up in the tags so when I draw the winner I exclude you from the pool

supermario -

Looking through your Google Drive trash is a trip. Like, I have a doc in there that just has the word "Fuzzy" on it. What was I planning to write? Only past me knows.

cjadewyton -

emojis are a lifesaver because instead of having to reword

"Good luck with that"

to something that says I'm genuine and not sarcastic, I can write

"Good luck with that :D"

and have the same effect