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my dad lied to me and said he's been disinfecting our groceries but he actually hasn't been and he refuses to start. so in light of that i will no longer be eating anything in this house that doesn't require cooking that i don't buy myself.

seeing as i've been laid off i really can't afford my own food and while i won't totally starve because i can eat the things that require cooking if you have a few bucks to spare so i can sneak some snacks in my room that i can disinfect the packaging of myself i'd appreciate it

my cash app is $neurobiverse

if you’ve never organized a rent strike before here’s a useful guide

if anyone who's being threatened with eviction at this time is interested

edit: also @carestrike on twitter and instagram have lots of info on strikes all over that are already being set up so you can see if there's possibly already one in your area